SN2010 Firmware when moving from Onyx to Cumulus

After reading through some specific docs about migrating a switch with Onyx pre-installed to Cumulus, it mentioned that we would need to likely update the firmware because the pre-installed firmware could be allowing only NVIDIA (Mellanox) Transceivers and that by updating the firmware would unlock this.

I’ve tried to use the download tool online but after entering the PSID it states it can’t find the PSID. I am at a loss. I have switches setup for testing this NoS migration and I can get links configured and UP but they’re not passing anything no matter what I try and when I ran into that small blurb I have come to suspect that the issue is that the firmware needs to be updated because I am NOT using Mellanox transceivers

Hello, if you need to change from the onyx system to the cumulus system, you need to find our partner for quotation, and then purchase the license

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Closing the loop on this.

The SN2010 doesn’t use firmware for modules, nothing need to be changed to migrate to Cumulus from ONYX.

Also didn’t need Mellanox transceivers, what I discovered is that these 10/25 ports can operate at 1G, but only if the SFP handles the transition. I could not get it operating at 1G with a 1G transceiver. I did have to install a 1/10 transceiver and then allow it handle transition to 1G. In our broadcom switches we have a lot of 1G connections coming from 10G ports and the transceivers are 10/100/1000 so I just assumed that because the Spectrum switches have a 10/25 that it COULD also do 1/10/25 but that’s simply not the case.

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