The DDM'S license of Mellanox SN2100

Hello,We brought a SN2100 switch in August,but until now it can’t work for us.We can’t get the information when we plug the 40G or 100G optical transceiver in the port, I use the command of “ethtool -m swp1”,but it shows “operation not support” ,the systematic version of my switch is 3.0. Then I have known the version of 3.0 is a old version,I need upgrade my switch,but the upgrade is of the on side,I’m also told the port of the switch was locked in default,so I need a license ,the switch can open the port by the license and recognize the optical transceivers , now I want to know where i can get the license? Thanks so much.

Hi Eddie,

Thank you for your answer. I don’t think I have the panel ports visible. Because when I input the command " ifconfig -a show cumulus port’ . It shows “SIOCSIFADDR: Operation not permitted”, I check it with “sudo cl-license” and it shows "

978506265.872703 2001-01-03 07:17:45 license.c:318 CRIT No license file. No license installed!". And I remember the switch was reseted back to factory defaluts ,Will there be a connection between them?

I have collected the related inforamtion and pls find the attachment for your reference.Thank you!

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Hi Ben,

If you have the panel ports visible ( ifconfig -a shows swpX ports) then you dont need any extra license. You already have it installes.

You can check it with “sudo cl-license”

If ethtool -m swp1 shows nothing theb either thr cable is not connected or the cable doesnt support the feature.

Hi ben,

If you need to retrieve the cumuls license to the switch, please contact Mellanox support team and provide them the serial number of the switch.