Getting license for old SX6036 switch

Hi all,

We bought a Mellanox SX6036 IB switch back in 2014 (Product name from “show version” is “SX_PPC_M460EX”) running MLNX_OS version SX_3.3.4100. Tying to use it in a PoC situation; however, if I run certain commands, I am getting the “% No valid license” message. And, if I run “show licenses” from enable mode, I get “No valid licenses have been configured.”

This switch used to work (taken out of service back in 2018-19 timeframe), so where can I obtain a license for this platform at this point (or can I even?) and, are there still updated firmware images that I can get for this platform?

Per NVIDIA Networking support, “it’s dead, Jim”… Too old.

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