SN2010 IEEE 1588 support

It appears as though an SN2010 running ONYX supports only the SMPTE IEEE 1588 profile. However, the latest Cumulus Linux documentation mentions telecoms profiles, ITU G.8275.x.

My question is as follows: if an SN2010 were upgraded to Cumulus Linux, would it support all the PTP profiles listed in the CL documentation, or still just SMPTE profile?

Hi Andrew,

I can confirm you CL has been supporting the following 3 profiles since cl5.4.0.
And the default ones are not allowed to modify.

Many thanks. Could you please advise the NVIDIA part number for a single CL license to upgrade a MSN2010-CB2F switch which has ONYX installed.

Please refer to the URL for the migration.

Hi Andrew,

Please kindly reach out to Nvidia sales for the part number, we do not know such info.