Using SN2100 or SN2700 as PTP master clock?

Is it possible to configure one of the SN2100 or SN2700 to act as a PTP master clock for the machines connected to it?

Ignoring uplinks, lets say we have 10 machines with connectx-4 cards connected to the switch. I’d like for these machines to have their clocks synchronized via PTP and for the switch to act as the (grand)master even though it has no external GPS input or anything. I don’t care that the switch’s time may be wrong. But I do care that the connected machines all use the same clock from it.

I can run linuxptp on the client hosts as normal. Is it possible to run linux ptp on the switch itself and generate the ptp clock packets to all the connected hosts?

Starting 2017, both SN2100 and SN2700 do support PTP.

Please contact Mellanox support to get the correct instructions to the version you currently have.

PTP is not supported on SN2100 or SN2700.

IEEE 1588 PTP is supported in MLNX-OS/ONYX in GA since 3.6.5011 running as a Boundary Clock

There is a guide on how to configure PTP on ONYX switches

IEEE 1588 PTP on Spectrum Switches Running Onyx