SN2100 Inaccurate Time

I am trying to sync my server to the SN2100 with ideally the server being the grandmaster. When I sync them together, the server selects the switch as the grandmaster.

The oddest part is that the time the switch provides to the server is way off from 2001. The time on the SN2100 from “show clock” is some time in 2010 (I set it that as a test).

Is there a bug of glitch that is causing the PTP time to send out 2001?

Hi Benjamin,

What version of Onyx are you running?


Hey Benjamin,

Pending your reply.

My recommendation on this is to upgrade to the latest version of Onyx since there are a number of problems with PTP on older releases of Onyx. Without more details it is hard to say which one it is hitting. They are documented in the release notes. (

If you are sure that your configuration is correct and still have issues after the upgrade I recommend opening a support case so that one of our support engineers can have a further look.


I believe I am running version 3.9.2006 (On the web gui page, it says X86_64 3.9.2006 2020-12-02 16:59:03 x86_64 for software version).

Hey Benjamin,

Assuming the configuration is correct, there are many fixes for PTP in the latest release of Onyx. Have a look at the release notes.

Best option here is to upgrade to latest version and see if the problem persists.