Mellanox Oynx PTP stuck in Uncalibrated

I have two identical systems of Grandmaster → PC → Mellanox SN2100.

For testing, I am trying to get both switches to sync to their respective grandmaster. One of them successfully makes the switch port a slave while the other is stuck in uncalibrated. The PCs have the same ptp4l config setup and files.

From looking at documentation, uncalibrated means its in a transient state (to allow synchronization), but it has been in that state for a while. Only that port has ptp enabled so the PC should be the master (and thus that port the slave)

Is there any idea what can put the switch state to slave? I see the PTP messages being sent via wireshark.

Hello Benjamin, I cannot tell what OS you are using and not know how PC is configured as. But please refer to below URL if this is Onyx.

Your lPC needs to be boundary clock. If you need further troubleshooting, please open a case.

Thank you @jsl2 . I managed to resolve the issue. I wasn’t aware that I needed to update the BC to be close to the master clock. Once I restarted phc2sys, it went from uncalibrated to slave and solved the issue.

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