Future of Mellanox/NVIDIA Onyx OS


Call me old-fashioned, but for a basic virtualisation environment with Proxmox I just need a couple of 25G ports and run them in a MLAG. For ages I did this Onyx, but now it seems that when you need more switch port with wit hthe 2010, your only option is SN3420, but for this device my distribution told me that the Onyx variant already has an EoS announcement.

Anyone have insights about the future of Onyx? Again, call me old-fashioned, but all my clients and me are just using MLAG and VLANs and are not motivated to pay license fees for such basic features :)


Hi Michael,

The commitment for now is ONYX still has the tech support by Nvidia till 2025.
But this is only for bug fix and security patches of the SW releases, no more new feature will be developed.
Regarding the support after 2025, so far no clear information yet.


Thank you derxu, time to gain deeper look into Cumulus

Yes, Cumulus now!

You are welcome!