List of MLNX-OS releases

Is there a historical list of MLNX-OS releases available?

We have a number of new switches and generally when reviewing OS releases its nice to see a complete list of what was released and when.

We generally do not upgrade when a release is first out, so its nice to know how many releases might be between version numbers.

For example,

If we are on 3.6.3004 and 3.6.3508 is out, how many releases are in-between those two.


The list of MLNX-OS releases is available on MyMellanox Customer Support Portal.

If you are a contracted customer, you’ll be able to login and review the list of releases here.


Thats not really useful to keep it behind a paywall. Lack of transparent support is one reason why we didn’t select mellanox for our datacenter refresh. But I still have 12 of these devices in our legacy side until we can get them ripped out.

I really wish OEM’s would kill this practice of putting documentation and self-serve tech support behind paywalls. I can’t imagine the large vendors like VMWare, Microsoft, HP, Dell doing this type of thing.

Sorry to hear that Matt.

However as a FYI the 3.6.x code train is;




Now sn2100 it is delivered with MLNX-OS ver. 3.6.2102.

But LR4/4.5W high power modules are supported on MLNX-OS from version 3.6.3004 onwards

Were I can download this version of OS?