VMWare have only eth0 and no swp? interface

I try to use Cumulus linus version 5.7 on a VMWare Player versions 16. I have download OVA file and successfuly importe it to the VMWarePlayer.
The interface Eth0 is seen and ip address is configured.
The probleme is that other interface in the VM are not seen in cumulus. If i type “ifconfig”, i can only see eth0, lo and mgmt interfaces… no swp1 or swp2 or anything else.
In the VMWare player there are 5 adapter.
Can you tell me how to “activate” other interface ?

Have you tried the steps in the VMware ESXi docs → VMware vSphere ESXi | Cumulus VX 5.x they may be similar to VMware player but I cannot advise on the VMware product lines.

Same here. I’ve installed the OVA in my vCenter 7. ip -a command only gives eth0 and mgmt interfaces.

Ok, I just found the issue. By default the network adapter type was not set to VMXNET 3. All good now

Hi Nico,
Thank you for your reply, but int the VMWare player, it is not possible to change the Nic interface type…

As i already tell to Nico, i cannot change the nic interface type in the VMWare Player… I hope for the next Cumulus update ?!