Unable to identify interface for packet capture on the Mellanox switch

I am using tcpdump for capturing packets. I see the following options for interfaces on the switch.


I was trying to capture at vlan1 using the following command “tcpdump -w switch.pcap --time-stamp-precision=nano -s70 -i vlan1” . But it only captures the ARP packets and not all the packets passing through the interface.

I also try to capture at one of the ports “ethernet 1/1” using the command in the reference:
Mellanox Interconnect Community”. But then it gives me the following error.

ualloc-mlnx2 [standalone: master] (config) # tcpdump -i eth1.0
tcpdump: eth1.0: No such device exists
(SIOCGIFHWADDR: No such device)

Although I have the router port (see below)

ualloc-mlnx2 [standalone: master] (config) # show interfaces ethernet 1/1

Admin state : Enabled
Operational state : Up
Last change in operational status: 3d and 12:21:50 ago (1 oper change)
Boot delay time : 0 sec
Description : N\A
Mac address : ec:0d:9a:5f:d8:3c
MTU : 1500 bytes (Maximum packet size 1522 bytes)
Fec : auto
Flow-control : receive off send off
Actual speed : 10 Gbps
Auto-negotiation : Disabled
Width reduction mode : Unknown
Switchport mode : hybrid
MAC learning mode : Enabled
Forwarding mode : inherited cut-through

Can you please tell me how can I capture all other packets on the switch?

Thank you,

Please review Cumulus Linux documentation on tcpdump here.

tcpdump only captures control plane traffic.

If you need to capture all traffic – use SPAN/ERSPAN.