Cumulus 5.3 on Spectrum - Configuration/Docs Errors?

I am working on putting a pair of SN2010 switches running Cumulus into a MLAG pair but before even getting that far I’ve been trying to get used to NVUE for all configuration changes.

According to the docs (and reinforced by NVUE command errors) on the Spectrum chipset the link speed cannot be set to anything other than auto, and I have ran into repeatable instances where by unless I manually edit the network interfaces file to contain “link-speed 1000”, I cannot get the link state to show as up.

I have coming out of a 25G port a 1000G SFP to Ethernet adapter module that says it’s supported but even if I use 1G fiber to 1G fiber, I cannot get a link to come up unless I manually specify the link-speed.

As you can imagine, this is a problem because when I run NVUE commands that edit interfaces file, it strips away the manual configurations.

All in all, I have to say the frustration with 5.3 is making my head spin lol

I’m really sorry to hear about your experience.
Can you show me the errors you’re seeing?
I’m working virtually in Cumulus VX but the result should be the same in real hardware and if it’s not I want to make sure a bug is filed capturing exactly this. For what it’s worth this is what I see in VX v5.3.1.

cumulus@cumulus0:mgmt:~$ nv set interface swp1 link speed 1G
cumulus@cumulus0:mgmt:~$ nv config diff
- set:
          speed: 1G
        type: swp
cumulus@cumulus0:mgmt:~$ nv config apply -y
applied [rev_id: 1]
cumulus@cumulus0:mgmt:~$ nv show interface
Interface  MTU    Speed  State  Remote Host      Remote Port  Type      Summary
---------  -----  -----  -----  ---------------  -----------  --------  ----------------------------
+ eth0     1500   1G     up     oob-mgmt-switch  swp2         eth       IP Address:
+ lo       65536         up                                   loopback  IP Address:
  lo                                                                    IP Address:        ::1/128
+ swp1     9216   1G     up     cumulus1         swp1         swp
+ swp2     1500          down                                 swp
+ swp3     1500          down                                 swp
+ swp4     1500          down                                 swp
cumulus@cumulus0:mgmt:~$ ^C

I am not having any issues with port state provided I have speed set and that’s working fine now provided I use “1G” instead of “1000”.