Custom camera driver for TX2 NX

Please update to r32.7.2 for native support IMX477 by jetson-io


I wish that were the case but it doesn’t appear to be so for the TX2 NX. I downloaded a clean version of r32.7.2, removed my nvme ssd just to ensure there were no lingering files, then flashed the emmc. I ran jetson-io and just as with version 32.6.1, there are only two default options:

  • “Configure Jetson 40pin Header”
  • “Configure Jetson M.2 Key E Slot”.

I figured maybe the drivers were missing so I followed Seeed’s documentation and flashed with their .dtb and .cfg files with no difference. Still only two options. I ran a diff on the source for 32.6.1 vs 32.7.2 and nothing stands out that would suggest the imx477 is supported in this version.

It’s my mistake, current TX2 NX still not support IMX477 yet.
Will check it if the plan for it.


Okay, thanks for confirming @ShaneCCC. In general, I don’t see much support for the TX2 NX yet it is the only Jetson module in stock (under $2000). Hopefully there are already efforts underway to improve the support and documentation (Nvidia and partners).

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