D-Link DW-171 wireless usb driver compilation


I got a D-Link DW-171 which I want to use with the jetson board. I checked out the compatibility page at http://elinux.org/Jetson/Network_Adapters and the grinch kernel, but there seem to be no module for this particular device. So I downloaded the driver source from that page and tried to compile it.
I edited the Makefile so that CONFIG_PLATFORM_I386_PC = n and CONFIG_PLATFORM_ARM_TEGRA_K1 = y
Compilation was completed with no errors but when I execute sudo insmod 8812au.ko I get the following message : insmod: ERROR: could not insert module 8812au.ko: Unknown symbol in module
Executing dmesg | tail produces the following :

[ 4733.550197] 8812au: Unknown symbol cfg80211_michael_mic_failure (err 0)
[ 4733.550200] 8812au: Unknown symbol cfg80211_connect_result (err 0)
[ 4733.550211] 8812au: Unknown symbol wiphy_unregister (err 0)
[ 4733.550226] 8812au: Unknown symbol __ieee80211_get_channel (err 0)
[ 4733.550241] 8812au: Unknown symbol cfg80211_mgmt_tx_status (err 0)
[ 4733.550250] 8812au: Unknown symbol cfg80211_del_sta (err 0)
[ 4733.550262] 8812au: Unknown symbol cfg80211_rx_mgmt (err 0)
[ 4733.550280] 8812au: Unknown symbol cfg80211_inform_bss_frame (err 0)
[ 4733.550289] 8812au: Unknown symbol ieee80211_frequency_to_channel (err 0)
[ 4733.550301] 8812au: Unknown symbol wiphy_free (err 0)

Any ideas what went wrong? Thanks in advance.

This module depends on another module, probably with a name similar to cfg80211. The other module must be inserted prior to your module.