DDA Woes

I am attempting to configure a test server to try out DDA on Windows Server 2016. So far my configuration continues to BSOD due to what appears to be driver issues with the graphics card. I am writing this post to find out if my hardware is supported or if I am doing something unusual. Also, which specific nvidia cards support DDA? Do I just need to buy a different card? I have not be able to acquire this info anywhere.

Host Server
OS: Windows Server 2016
CPU: Intel Xeon E5-1620 v4
Motherboard: ASRockRack EPC612D8
Graphics Card: Quadro P4000

OS: Windows 10 Ent 1803

Everything performs completely normal through the DDA process until I install the graphics driver on the VM. Once that occurs, within 5 min or so, BSOD. Sometimes just the VM, sometimes both the VM and the host server. I have reinstalled the OS on both the host and the VM.