Debugging an app with NSight Visual Studio edition

I am using VS 2012 with NV NSight on my host/Dev machine. I am trying to debug graphics applications on my test machine with 2 NV GPU’s. I am not able to connect to intended app (No DirectX code for the app is involved) on remote test machine (remote settings checked multiple times) to get the D3D API call log, frame debugging capabilities enabled.

All I can see is that first three options of NSight menu in VS 2012 are greyed out.

Further, I searched around and I found that I can use AMD’s GPU Perf Studio 2 to launch an app on test machine and connect to this session (GPU Perf Studio 2 + App) from my dev machine to get D3D API call log, frame debugging etc.

My question is, can NSight VS 2012 edition mimic this capability of GPU Perf Studio 2 ? If so, then how?

P.S: It is imperative that I use VS 2012 NV NSight tool to debug this app.And I do not have the code for this app.I just want to attach to its process on remote test machine with NV GPU’s and debug its frames,get DirectX API calls etc.


It sounds like some issue with the project as those menus get enabled/disabled depending on the project type.
A couple of questions:

What type of project is it? (C++, C#, or something else)
Does it reproduce with all configurations of the project or just certain ones?
Does it reproduce with all projects or just the particular project that you are testing with?

Could you send me the project (no sources, etc) of the startup project?


Hey thanks for your reply.

I was able to do what I wanted ( get D3D API Log, frame capture etc.) just by creating a console application in VS 2012. I entered all the details of remote machine (project folder, exe path) in NVidia debugging control window( black circular icon) of this console application. And then all the greyed out menu items were visible.



What type of console application was it (C#, VBA, C++, etc)? The recommended one is C++.