Debugging through kernel code

hi :)

in the last days i wrote some cuda programs, and i am on a point, on which i just dont know how to get forward

i cant watch over the values of variables which are in device memory (all values seem to be “0” in the debugger), but in reality they are initialized correctly (or not…)
i cant go through kernel code step by step, to see what actually happens. All i can do is guessing whats wrong, if it doesnt work. (i can barely read assembly code…but don’t wanna…)

at the point of switching inside the kernel, i get a promt to search tmpxft_000013b4_00000000-3_gwbearb_cuda.cudafe1.stub.c in a directory of my choice…

is there any proper way to watch over device memory and the steps inside the kernel with visual studio 2008?

getting more mad every minute ;(

Probably, this thread will be of help to you:

works only for a very small amount of types (int, char ect.)

i’m currently working on a bigger structure which contains mainly floats. :(

Ok… I see the point here… Probably, it’s better to ask the author of this simple logging mechanism on extending the support for floats as well…