Debugging CUDA on VS2005 C++ express

I am trying to step into the program to see how the code function, but some weird thing is that when i step into printf() function from stdio.h

I get the following error message from Visual Studio:

“There is no source code available for the current location.”

Others part of the code also pop out this error message…

I search the forum and i got this ,

i follow everthing in the thread but the error message still pop out…
i am new to cuda, anyone could please help.

thank you.

a kernel is like a shader program running on gpu, you can’t step into the kernel.
you can use emudebug version, set breakpoints in the kernel code, then “run to” the breakpoint from the host code.

Actually the 2.0 nvcc has a parameter --device-debug. Now to figure out how that works …