DeepStream 4.0 and Python Samples

• Hardware Platform = Jetson AGX Xavier
• DeepStream Version = 4.0
• JetPack Version = JetPack 4.3
• TensorRT Version =

Hi, i am really new to DeepStream SDK. I have version 4.0. Actually, i am really wondering that there are any Python Sample Apps for DeepStream SDK 4.0 which provided by NVIDIA. There are sample apps for DeepStream SDK 5.0, but i couldn’t find for DeepStream SDK 4.0.

Thanks for helps.

Hi mertkiremitcici,

All those samples are provided in DeepStream SDK 5.0, please updrage your Jetson device to the latest JetPack 4.4 GA to work withe DeepStream SDK 5.0 GA.

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Hi kayccc,

Thank you for your support. I will upgrade to 5.0.