DeepStream 6.3 is now available for download!

DeepStream 6.3 is now available for download. Please note that all DeepStream assets and installers are now hosted on NVIDIA NGC. Visit our new DeepStream Collection page to get started. DeepStream 6.3 introduces MQTT support and includes 4 additional plugins as source code. The GXF and Graph Composer are also available for download. Happy DeepStreaming!


Hey @yingliu

Deepstream depends on grpc and protobuf

Could you please share the exact version of those packages because I couldn’t find it in the link below ?

For DeepStream 6.3. The protobuf version is 3.19.4

Thanks @Fiona.Chen
How about gRPC version ?

Regarding this, I am open-sourcing some commonly used GStreamer pipelines that I implemented in the past couple of years in this repo. Many more pipelines will be added soon.