DeepStream 6.2 is now available for download!

DeepStream 6.2 is now available for download!
The latest release adds:

  • Support to latest NVIDIA GPUs Hopper and Ampere.
  • New DeepStream Multi-Object Trackers (MOTs)
  • REST APIs to control DeepStream pipeline on the fly
  • Adds support for LIDAR
  • 15 new dewarper projections
  • … and many new features. Check the documentation for details.

We found an issue when building python bindings by script in 6.2-devel docker, please use the below command to install the prebuilt wheel:

./ -v 1.1.6

The fixed script will be posted on the Python repo


Hello, Im trying to find the mention script in the repo, but I couldnt. Is not posted yet?

Additionally, I found that there are a lot of nvidia elements that doesnt appear in gstreamer. For example. I compared gst-inspect-1.0 in 6.1-devel and 6.2-devel (left and right, respectively)

for instance, there is no nvstreammux.

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Did you run script “” in the docker? This script and “ -v 1.1.6” are both in directory “/opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-6.2” of the docker.
In case you still have question, please submit a new topic, thank you.

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I did that, and was unable to find nvinfer etc.

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Please file a new topic with setup information and logs for the issue that you hit, thank you.

we can t build nvenc (1.16.3 ) with this last Video Codec SDK 12.1 release.

hello, Im starting a machine vision project with the jetson nano utilizing DeepStream. My jetpack version i have # R32 (release), REVISION: 7.1, i tried installing jetpack version 4.6.1 to be able to use DeepStream version 6.0.1. As i understand this combination of versions is required to be able to run DeepStream in the jetson nano. has there been any updates that i am able to use later versions of DeepStream for the jetson nano or am i on the right track?