Announcing DeepStream 6.0

DeepStream 6.0 is now available for download on Devzone and NGC.

DeepStream 6.0 introduces a low-code programming workflow, support for new data formats and algorithms, and a range of new getting started resources.


  • Graph Composer. Assemble complex pipelines using an intuitive and easy-to-use UI and quickly deploy them with Container Builder.

  • Action Recognition. Create pipelines to easily identify action in your scene with the new pre-processing plugin. Specify regions of interest and the number of frames you want to process simultaneously.

  • Audio-video synchronization for applications such as broadcasting and web conferencing.

  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) support. This new plugin performs automatic speech recognition on input audio data and outputs transcribed text.

  • Source code for the Python Bindings available on

  • Tracker Updates

    • Performance Improvements

    • Easy integration of custom trackers.

    • New DeepSORT tracker.

  • Full REDIS support, previously alpha in version 5.1

  • New and updated sample applications are available in the SDK and on NVIDIA IOT GitHub. Check DeepStream documentation for additional details:

    • ASR

    • Action Recognition

    • Body Pose Estimation

    • Emotion

    • Gestures

    • Many more.


Is the deepstream 6.0 compatible to Jetpack 4.6?

yes, it is.

The Ds 6.0 EA had separate repo for Jarvis apps with samples like

  • 2D bodypose
  • Facial landmark
  • Emotion

Are those included in the GA release?

Please check the release directly. Thanks