DeepStream 7.0 is now available!

Please celebrate DeepSteam’s 7th anniversary by exploring some of our new features:

• New DeepStream Libraries. Unleash the power of DeepStream without GStreamer dependency with easy-to-use Python APIs.

• New DeepStream Service Maker. A new abstraction layer to build vision AI applications in minutes.

• DeepStream now supports WSL2 as a development environment.

DeepStream 3D Framework adds support for LIDAR and RADAR with BEVFusion and V2X models.

• Introducing PipeTuner a new tool to automatically optimize DeepStream application parameters.

• New Single-View 3D tracking capability available on NvTracker.

• Support for ARM SBSA based servers.

To get started with DeepStream now start here:

As always, happy DeepStreaming!


hello yingliu!
if deepstream does not relay on gstreamer, how deepstream could get rtsp… resource.

Are you talking about the " New DeepStream Libraries"? If so, the document DeepStream Libraries (Developer Preview) — DeepStream documentation 6.4 documentation ( has mentioned the purpose is "DeepStream Libraries provide CVCUDA, NvImageCodec, and PyNvVideoCodec modules as Python APIs to easily integrate into custom frameworks. " The RTSP protocol does not need hardware acceleration and there are lots of open source projects support it. The custom framework can implement in any way it prefers.

Please raise your own topic for any question, thank you!

Congrats! Very excited to work with the new C++ abstraction layer, Service Maker. That seems to be exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’ll definitely help to build safer and more robust software.