Deepstream Graph Composer : GXF_FACTORY_UNKNOWN_CLASS_NAME

Please provide complete information as applicable to your setup.

• Hardware Platform (Jetson / GPU) : RTX3050
• DeepStream Version 6.2
• JetPack Version (valid for Jetson only)
• TensorRT Version 8.5.3
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version (valid for GPU only) 525.85.12
• Issue Type( questions, new requirements, bugs) bug

I’m trying to recreate the example at :

Below is the eror that i’m getting when trying to run the graph.

Running MyGraph.yaml
[INFO] Writing manifest to /tmp/ds.MyGraph/manifest.yaml 
2023-03-20 16:15:56.774 INFO  gxf/gxe/gxe.cpp@180: Creating context
2023-03-20 16:15:56.781 INFO  gxf/gxe/gxe.cpp@105: Loading app: '/opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-6.2/reference_graphs/deepstream-test4/MyGraph.yaml'
2023-03-20 16:15:56.781 INFO  gxf/std/yaml_file_loader.cpp@129: Loading GXF entities from YAML file '/opt/nvidia/deepstream/deepstream-6.2/reference_graphs/deepstream-test4/MyGraph.yaml'...
End MyGraph.yaml
[INFO] Graph installation directory /tmp/ds.MyGraph and manifest /tmp/ds.MyGraph/manifest.yaml retained 
2023-03-20 14:15:56 [881,360ms] [Error] [] [py stderr]: 2023-03-20 16:15:56.782 ERROR gxf/std/type_registry.cpp@48: Unknown type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsSingleSrcInput
2023-03-20 16:15:56.782 ERROR gxf/std/type_registry.cpp@48: Unknown type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsSingleSrcInput2023-03-20 14:15:56 [881,360ms] [Error] [] [py stderr]: 

2023-03-20 14:15:56 [881,360ms] [Error] [] [py stderr]: 2023-03-20 16:15:56.782 ERROR gxf/std/yaml_file_loader.cpp@351: Could not add component of type 'nvidia::deepstream::NvDsSingleSrcInput' to entity.
2023-03-20 16:15:56.782 ERROR gxf/std/yaml_file_loader.cpp@351: Could not add component of type 'nvidia::deepstream::NvDsSingleSrcInput' to entity.2023-03-20 14:15:56 [881,360ms] [Error] [] [py stderr]: 

2023-03-20 14:15:56 [881,360ms] [Error] [] [py stderr]: 2023-03-20 16:15:56.782 ERROR gxf/gxe/gxe.cpp@245: LoadApplication Error: GXF_FACTORY_UNKNOWN_CLASS_NAME
2023-03-20 16:15:56.782 ERROR gxf/gxe/gxe.cpp@245: LoadApplication Error: GXF_FACTORY_UNKNOWN_CLASS_NAME2023-03-20 14:15:56 [881,360ms] [Error] [] [py stderr]:

I have gone through the installation instructions a few times and can’t seem to find anything missing,

Here is the yaml file that gets created…

  name: MyGraph
- extension: NvDsMuxDemuxExt
  uuid: 89b8398c-5820-4051-835c-a91f2d49766b
  version: 1.1.0
- extension: NvDsBaseExt
  uuid: 56d7e3ec-62c6-4652-bcc8-4f1c3b00df03
  version: 1.2.0
- extension: NvDsSourceExt
  uuid: a632d022-3425-4848-9074-e6483ef74366
  version: 1.1.1
- extension: NvDsInferenceExt
  uuid: 0b02963e-c24e-4c13-ace0-c4cdf36c7c71
  version: 1.1.0
- extension: NvDsSampleModelsExt
  uuid: 909dc1ea-c654-44c1-97a3-0b8fec12141a
  version: 1.1.0
- extension: NvDsVisualizationExt
  uuid: 25903cd4-fc5c-4139-987b-47bb27e8b424
  version: 1.1.0
- extension: NvDsOutputSinkExt
  uuid: 3fc9ad87-03e7-47a8-bbfc-8501c3f7ff2f
  version: 1.1.0
- name: Stream Muxer0
    batch-size: 1
    height: 720
    video-in-%u: On Request Data Input1
    video-out: Static Data Output2
    width: 1280
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsStreamMux
- name: On Request Data Input1
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsOnRequestInput
- name: Static Data Output2
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsStaticOutput
name: Stream Muxer
    x: -324.8645324707031
    y: -372.69854736328125
- name: Deepstream Scheduler3
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsScheduler
name: scheduler
    x: -606.5308227539062
    y: -162.95254516601562
- name: Single Source Input0
    audio-out-%u: Dynamic Data Output2
    uri: rtsp://username:password@
    video-out-%u: Dynamic Data Output1
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsSingleSrcInput
- name: Dynamic Data Output1
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsDynamicOutput
- name: Dynamic Data Output2
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsDynamicOutput
name: Single Source Input
    x: -623.5252075195312
    y: -384.0733642578125
- name: Deepstream Data Connection3
    source: Single Source Input/Dynamic Data Output1
    target: Stream Muxer/On Request Data Input1
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsConnection
name: node0
- name: Video Inference4
    infer-model-config: 4-class Detector8
    video-in: Static Data Input6
    video-out: Static Data Output5
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsInferVideo
- name: Static Data Output5
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsStaticOutput
- name: Static Data Input6
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsStaticInput
- name: 4-class Detector8
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsResnet10_4ClassDetectorModel
name: Video Inference
    x: -59.52764892578125
    y: -358.4801025390625
- name: Deepstream Data Connection7
    source: Stream Muxer/Static Data Output2
    target: Video Inference/Static Data Input6
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsConnection
name: node1
- name: On Screen Display9
    video-in: Static Data Input11
    video-out: Static Data Output10
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsOSD
- name: Static Data Output10
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsStaticOutput
- name: Static Data Input11
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsStaticInput
name: On Screen Display
    x: 218.20571899414062
    y: -356.58453369140625
- name: Deepstream Data Connection12
    source: Video Inference/Static Data Output5
    target: On Screen Display/Static Data Input11
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsConnection
name: node2
- name: NVidia Video Renderer13
    video-in: Static Data Input14
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsVideoRenderer
- name: Static Data Input14
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsStaticInput
name: NVidia Video Renderer
    x: 495.9390869140625
    y: -333.8348388671875
- name: Deepstream Data Connection15
    source: On Screen Display/Static Data Output10
    target: NVidia Video Renderer/Static Data Input14
  type: nvidia::deepstream::NvDsConnection
name: node3

…Composer launch log…

francois@ubuntugraph:~$ composer
Preparing files...
./kit/kit ./composer/composer-standalone.kit --ext-folder composer --/plugins/carb.scripting-python.plugin/pythonPath=./registry/ --/exts/omni.ui/Window/enableDetach=false --allow-root
[Info] [carb] Logging to file: /root/.nvidia-omniverse/logs/Kit/composer-standalone/2.5/kit_20230320_160115.log
2023-03-20 14:01:15 [0ms] [Warning] [omni.ext.plugin] [ext: omni_kit] Extensions config 'extension.toml' doesn't exist '/tmp/.tmpNvXgRaphComposer/run/composer/omni_kit' or '/tmp/.tmpNvXgRaphComposer/run/composer/omni_kit/config'
2023-03-20 14:01:15 [58ms] [Warning] [omni.ext.plugin] [ext: urls] Extensions config 'extension.toml' doesn't exist '/tmp/.tmpNvXgRaphComposer/run/kit/exts/urls' or '/tmp/.tmpNvXgRaphComposer/run/kit/exts/urls/config'
francois@ubuntugraph:~$ [0.207s] [ext: omni.stats-0.0.0] startup
[0.211s] [ext: omni.rtx.shadercache-1.0.0] startup
[0.213s] [ext: omni.assets.plugins-0.0.0] startup
[0.213s] [ext: omni.gpu_foundation-0.0.0] startup
2023-03-20 14:01:15 [211ms] [Warning] [carb] FrameworkImpl::setDefaultPlugin(client: omni.gpu_foundation_factory.plugin, desc : [carb::graphics::Graphics v2.11], plugin : failed. Plugin selection is locked, because the interface was previously acquired by: 
[0.217s] [ext: carb.windowing.plugins-1.0.0] startup
2023-03-20 14:01:16 [940ms] [Warning] [carb.windowing-glfw.gamepad] Joystick with unknown remapping detected (will be ignored):  Microsoft Microsoft® 2.4GHz Transceiver v8.0 Consumer Control [030000005e040000b207000011010000]
2023-03-20 14:01:16 [940ms] [Warning] [carb.windowing-glfw.gamepad] Joystick with unknown remapping detected (will be ignored):  Microsoft Microsoft® 2.4GHz Transceiver v8.0 System Control [030000005e040000b207000011010000]
[0.945s] [ext: omni.kit.renderer.init-0.0.0] startup

| Driver Version: 525.85.12     | Graphics API: Vulkan
| GPU | Name                             | Active | LDA | GPU Memory | Vendor-ID | LUID       |
|     |                                  |        |     |            | Device-ID | UUID       |
| 0   | NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050          | Yes: 0 |     | 8438    MB | 10de      | 0          |
|     |                                  |        |     |            | 2507      | 8f54e456.. |
| 1   | Intel(R) Graphics (ADL-S GT1)    |        |     | 23920   MB | 8086      | 0          |
|     |                                  |        |     |            | 4680      | 84e7c1f5.. |
| OS: Linux ubuntugraph, Version: 5.15.0-67-generic
| XServer Vendor: The X.Org Foundation, XServer Version: 12013000 (
| Processor: 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-12900K | Cores: Unknown | Logical: 24
| Total Memory (MB): 31894 | Free Memory: 29910
| Total Page/Swap (MB): 2047 | Free Page/Swap: 2047
[1.092s] [ext: omni.kit.pipapi-0.0.0] startup
[1.099s] [ext: omni.kit.pip_archive-0.0.0] startup
[1.112s] [ext: omni.usd.config-1.0.0] startup
[1.115s] [ext: omni.usd.libs-1.0.0] startup
[1.206s] [ext: omni.kit.loop-default-0.1.1] startup
[1.206s] [ext: omni.kit.async_engine-0.0.0] startup
[1.207s] [ext: omni.kit.test-0.0.0] startup
[1.319s] [ext: omni.client-0.1.0] startup
[1.325s] [ext: omni.appwindow-1.0.1] startup
[1.326s] [ext: omni.kit.renderer.core-0.0.0] startup
[1.432s] [ext: omni.kit.renderer.capture-0.0.0] startup
[1.433s] [ext: omni.kit.renderer.imgui-0.0.0] startup
[1.508s] [ext:] startup
[1.509s] [ext: omni.ui-2.12.12] startup
[1.517s] [ext: omni.uiaudio-1.0.0] startup
[1.518s] [ext: omni.kit.mainwindow-1.0.0] startup
[1.519s] [ext: omni.kit.uiapp-0.0.0] startup
[1.519s] [ext: omni.usd.schema.omnigraph-1.0.0] startup
[1.534s] [ext: omni.usd.schema.anim-0.0.0] startup
[1.564s] [ext: omni.usd.schema.omniscripting-1.0.0] startup
[1.567s] [ext:] startup
[1.570s] [ext: omni.usd.schema.semantics-0.0.0] startup
[1.572s] [ext: omni.usd.schema.geospatial-0.0.0] startup
[1.574s] [ext: omni.usd.schema.physics-0.0.0] startup
[1.578s] [ext: omni.usd.core-1.0.0] startup
[1.580s] [ext: omni.gpucompute.plugins-0.0.0] startup
[1.580s] [ext: omni.kit.actions.core-1.0.0] startup
[1.581s] [ext: omni.kit.audiodeviceenum-1.0.0] startup
[1.582s] [ext: omni.hydra.usdrt_delegate-4.0.6] startup
[1.590s] [ext: omni.timeline-1.0.5] startup
[1.591s] [ext: omni.kit.commands-1.4.5] startup
[1.596s] [ext: omni.hydra.scene_delegate-0.3.0] startup
[1.599s] [ext: omni.usd-1.6.15] startup
[1.944s] [ext: omni.kit.collaboration.channel_manager-1.0.8] startup
[1.952s] [ext: omni.ui_query-1.1.1] startup
[1.953s] [ext:] startup
[1.969s] [ext: omni.kit.usd.layers-2.0.7] startup
[1.983s] [ext: omni.kit.ui_test-1.2.9] startup
[1.986s] [ext: omni.kit.widget.path_field-2.0.3] startup
[1.995s] [ext: omni.kit.window.popup_dialog-2.0.10] startup
[2.000s] [ext: omni.kit.widget.browser_bar-2.0.3] startup
[2.039s] [ext: omni.kit.widget.filebrowser-2.3.4] startup
[2.051s] [ext: omni.kit.widget.nucleus_connector-1.0.1] startup
[2.054s] [ext: omni.iray.libs-0.0.0] startup
[2.056s] [ext: omni.kit.widget.versioning-1.3.8] startup
[2.061s] [ext: omni.kit.search_core-1.0.1] startup
[2.063s] [ext: omni.kit.notification_manager-1.0.4] startup
[2.068s] [ext: omni.mdl.neuraylib-0.1.0] startup
[2.069s] [ext: omni.kit.window.filepicker-2.6.8] startup
[2.108s] [ext: omni.mdl-0.1.0] startup
[2.175s] [ext: omni.kit.window.file_importer-1.0.6] startup
[2.176s] [ext: omni.kit.widget.graph-1.5.3] startup
[2.195s] [ext: omni.kit.material.library-1.3.20] startup
[2.202s] [ext: omni.kit.widget.searchfield-1.0.7] startup
[2.204s] [ext: omni.kit.graph.delegate.default-1.0.18] startup
[2.204s] [ext: omni.kit.context_menu-1.5.4] startup
[2.214s] [ext: omni.kit.graph.editor.core-1.4.7] startup
[2.221s] [ext:] startup
[2.224s] [ext: omni.kit.graph.delegate.modern-1.6.4] startup
[2.229s] [ext: omni.kit.widget.prompt-1.0.2] startup
[2.230s] [ext: omni.kit.window.title-1.1.2] startup
[2.231s] [ext: omni.kit.window.console-0.2.2] startup
[2.236s] [ext: omni.kit.documentation.builder-1.0.8] startup
[2.244s] [ext: omni.kit.widget.settings-1.0.1] startup
[2.248s] [ext: omni.exp.graph.core-1.4.3] startup
[2.258s] [ext: omni.exp.graph.composer-2.5.0] startup
[2.882s] [ext: composer-standalone-2.5.0] startup
[2.969s] app ready

Also - here is the registry list

francois@ubuntugraph:~$ registry extn list
CudaExtension : Cuda related components in Gxf Core
DeepStreamExtensionTest : Test for Most commonly used interfaces and components in DeepStream
GrpcExtension : Extension for GRPC based communication tools
HttpExtension : Http protocol related components in Gxf
MultimediaExtension : Multimedia related data types, interfaces and components in Gxf Core
NetworkExtension : Extension for communications external to a computation graph
NvDs3dProcessingExt : NVIDIA DeepStream extension for 3-dimensional data capture, process and
NvDsActionRecognitionExt : Components for using the NVIDIA TAO Toolkit Action Recognition models
NvDsAnalyticsExt : NVIDIA DeepStream Extension for metadata analytics
NvDsBaseExt : Basic components required to build a DeepStream graph
NvDsCloudMsgExt : Components for cloud messaging
NvDsConverterExt : NVIDIA DeepStream extension for converter components
NvDsDewarperExt : Components for 360d applications
NvDsEmotionExt : Components for building a Emotion application
NvDsFacialLandmarks : Components for building a facial landmarks detection application
NvDsGazeExt : Components for building a GazeNet application
NvDsGesture : Components for building a gesture application
NvDsHeartRateExt : Components for building a HeartRateNet application
NvDsInferenceExt : NVIDIA DeepStreamSDK Streaming Inference components
NvDsInferenceUtilsExt : NVIDIA DeepStreamSDK Streaming Inference components
NvDsInterfaceExt : Interfaces and data components for DeepStream
NvDsMuxDemuxExt : NVIDIA Multistream mux/demux plugin
NvDsOpticalFlowExt : NVIDIA DeepStream OpticalFlow components
NvDsOutputSinkExt : NVIDIA DeepStream sink and output related components
NvDsSampleExt : Sample components for demonstrating usage of various DeepStream interfaces and
NvDsSampleModelsExt : Components for using the sample models provided as part of DeepStreamSDK
NvDsSourceExt : NVIDIA DeepStream source and input related components
NvDsTemplateExt : NVIDIA template components for processing data
NvDsTrackerExt : NVIDIA Object Tracking Extension
NvDsTranscodeExt : NVIDIA DeepStream components for multimedia decoding and encoding
NvDsTritonExt : NVIDIA DeepStream Triton Extension
NvDsUcxExt : NVIDIA DeepStream extension for sending/receiving data over UCX
NvDsUdpExt : NVIDIA DeepStream components to transfer data over the network using Mellanox Rivermax
NvDsVisualizationExt : NVIDIA components for visualization
NvTritonExt : Nvidia Triton Inferencing and Utilities Extension: 2.26.0 (x86_64), 2.24.0 (L4T -
Jetpack 5.0.2)
PythonCodeletExtension : An Extension for implementing Python Codelet
SampleExtension : Sample extension to demonstrate the use of GXF features
SerializationExtension : Extension for serializing messages
StandardExtension : Most commonly used interfaces and components in Gxf Core
TensorRTExtension : TensorRT

Not sure what I’m missing… Can you please assist .
Thanks in advance :)

Just binned my whole environment and started from scratch – seems to be working now 😊

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