DeepStream on Jetson Nano where can I find it

There is a video out that shows the jetson nano running deepstram on 8 video streams and processing them.
Where do I find that example so I can DO IT.

This is from Advantech website

Given Jetson Nano’s powerful performance, MIC-720IVA provides a cost-effective AI NVR solution for a wide range of smart city applications. MIC-7200IVA supports 8-channel 1080p30 decoding, encoding and AI inference computing. With 8 x PoE LAN ports, IP cameras can be easily deployed. It has storage space for 8 channels of 24/7 video recording for up to 30 days. MIC-720IVA also supports 4 x hot-swappable 2.5" HDD trays. This highly integrated system allows AI application developers to rapidly develop unique AI solutions based on Jetson Nano.

They are doing it,

Hi joevaz6l5, NVIDIA will be releasing DeepStream version for Nano later in June, please stay tuned.

Has NVIDIA released deepstream for jetson nano??

Hi prajwalchire, the latest timeframe for DeepStream SDK 4.0 with support for Nano is later next week, stay tuned - thanks.