Deepstream360d_Smart_Parking - Spot and Aiscle Calibration

I am learning Deepstream360d_Smart_Parking. In the calibration setting of the perception server, there are two config file which are nvaisle_2M.csv and nvspot_2M.csv. There are a lot of unknown setting in both .csv, for example:

dewarpTopAngle dewarpBottomAngle dewarpPitch dewarpYaw dewarpRoll numROIPoints ROI_x0 ROI_y0 ROI_x1 ROI_y1 ROI_x2 ROI_y2 ROI_x3 ROI_y3 ROI_x4 ROI_y4 ROI_x5 ROI_y5 ROI_x6 ROI_y6 ROI_x7 ROI_y7 gx0 gy0 gx1 gy1 gx2 gy2 gx3 gy3 cx0 cy0 cx1 cy1 cx2 cy2 cx3 cy3 H0 H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 H7 H8 dewarpFocalLength dewarpWidth dewarpHeight entry entry_ROI_x0 entry_ROI_y0 entry_ROI_x1 entry_ROI_y1 entry_ROI_x2 entry_ROI_y2 entry_ROI_x3 entry_ROI_y3 exit exit_ROI_x0 exit_ROI_y0 exit_ROI_x1 exit_ROI_y1 exit_ROI_x2 exit_ROI_y2 exit_ROI_x3 exit_ROI_y3

Is there any documentation for us to understand these setting clearly?

Thank you and Happy New Year.

csv_files.rar (19.9 KB)

Deepstream 3.0 Analytics Application pdf, can you read this doc ? There is no special doc for csv setting.
Which keyword do you not understand ?

Yes, in Deepstream 3.0 Analytics Application pdf section 12.5 AISLE GROUP, there mentioned calibration-file=-./csv_files/nvaisle_2M.csv. I have some questions regarding nvaisle_2M.csv file.

Q1: In the config_dewarper.txt, we set dewarped surface parameters such as width, height, top-angle, bottom-
angle, pitch, yaw=0, roll=278, focal-length. Why do we need to repeat these setting in nvaisle_2M.csv?

Q2: What is the meaning of properties entry_ROI? What is the different between ROI_x0, ROI_y0 and cx0, cy0?

Q3: If I would like to draw a ROI in dewrapped video, which properties is mandatory?

Q4: Must we use deepstream-360d-app?Can we run the video with deepstream-app with ROI configuration in .csv

Q5: Is there any example of video with ROI configuration, just like deepstream-test4-app?

Q6: What is the relationship between camera-id in [source0] from source2_file.txt and serial in
nvaisle_2M.csv? I changed the both numbers from 6 to 11 and the video analytic works. But when I changed
the both numbers to 26, a dark window appear and it said no camera entry. How to solve this?

Q7: In page 42 of Deepstream 3.0 Analytics Application pdf, there are 2 speeds in object element. What is the
different between these 2 speeds? How do we change the unit from mph to kmph? Is the vehicle speed
calculation done in perception server since it is in metadata? or it should be done in analytic server?

08: How can we save the payload in json format in our computer? Can we save payload json before sending to

Thank you very much.




Would love to see these questions answered as well…

Hi, I’m interested in these answers too.