Deepstream4.0 TLT, How to run the application with USB video source

Device details:
Hardware Platform : Jetson TX2
DeepStream Version : 4.0
JetPack Version : 4.2.2
TensorRT Version = 5.1.5

I followed the Github repo for working TLT with deepstream4.0. I successfully run the frcnn model with the commend ./deepstream-custom <config_file> <H264_file>.

Now, I need to use a USB camera as video source(cameraV4L2). Camera supports H.264, UYVY and MJPEG format.

How to use the USB camera as video source and run the Deepstream-custom application ?

Please upgrade to latest deepstream 5.1 SDK. There is already sample code for USB camera in deepstream-app sample code. DeepStream Reference Application - deepstream-app — DeepStream 5.1 Release documentation

Hi Chen,

I am using a customized TX2 board, where it has jetpack 4.2.2 which can’t be upgrade. So, deepstream 5.1 not possible. Whether I can run the USB camera in this 4.0 TLT deepstream-custom app or not ?. If possible, please tell the instruction !

thank you.

You can refer to the sample code of deepstream 5.1 for the USB camera part.

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