Default login for Ubuntu Jetson Orin

I dont have access to a display to be able to install ubuntu on Jetson Orin Agx.

I connected the uart cable and I can get access to the console.


What are the default credentials to login?


It has been several years since there was a default login. California implemented a law regarding such default credentials, so if NVIDIA had kept that method, then they would have had to have stopped selling in California. Instead there is a first boot account setup.

If you had the ancient L4T R28.x or earlier release (L4T is Ubuntu plus NVIDIA drivers…this is what gets flashed, whereas JetPack/SDK Manager is a front end for flashing), then it would be “nvidia”/“nvidia” for user/pass.

Your screenshot above though indicates perhaps first boot setup was completed (assuming it is not an ancient L4T release). Normally you would get one of the following:

  • Either you run the on the host PC before flashing to finish this, or:
  • You flash, and on first boot it asks you for your desired login name and password.

Did you flash the AGX Orin? If so, which release? I think sometimes where the first boot setup occurs might change if you have a monitor during flash or not.

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