Default users and passwords

In some posts I have read about nvidia and ubuntu users. It says that they are the default users, but when I want to login whith them, my Jetson device doesn’t recognize them.
I tried this in Jetson Javier NX (development version) and Jetson Javier AGX.

Can someone clarify this for me?

Thank you a lot.

Those posts are many years old. Some time back the state of California made it illegal to ship with default name/pass. Since then Jetsons don’t have defaults, but upon first boot you can set up your account name/pass.

Old boot flow was flash, and it then reboots and optional software was added over ssh to via the default logins. The new flow is flash, reboot to complete the name/pass, and then JetPack/SDKM uses that name/pass which you just created to install optional software via ssh. FYI, there is no reason you couldn’t make your initial account setup the same name as the default one, although you wouldn’t want to use the default pass.


Thank you. I have seen your answers in this forum and you have helped me in different topics. Thank you again.