NVIDIA Jetson Nano Image setup Username Password

Good Day !

I would like to seek assistance on the password for this default username.
First : I etched the jetson-nano-jp461-sd-card-image to a 64GB card
Second : after booting i tried installing using terminal commands unfortunately it requires password to do so. the image as below:


I don’t think we have any default username/password.
Have you gone through the OEM config upon first boot as stated in the guide?

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Hello DaveYYY

Upon first boot the following didn’t happen as there were default settings i.e
Username and Password , see image below :

What I recall, we encounter a power supply voltage error, “low voltage problem” after that there were no signs as the image above indicated.

Note : I am using the microUSB port as charger rather than the roundjack type, it might be a factor?

Then can you try re-flashing with SDK Manager?

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