Jetson Orin AGX default username and password


We are using Jetson Orin AGX board.
We completed the board’s first configuration without requesting to set the login or password. Following setup, the board boots up without any issues; however, we are unable to access the Linux console because we are unaware of the default username and password.

Would you kindly inform us of the Jetson AGX Orin board’s default username and password?

NOTE: We’ve tried a number of combinations, including root, admin, and nvidia/nvidia.


A default user name and password has not been used for several years. Quite some time back California added laws regarding default passwords, and before that there was either default name/pass of “ubuntu”/“ubuntu” or “nvidia”/“nvidia”, but this no longer exists. It is now entirely in first boot setup.

Note that prior to flash, if you choose, then on the host PC’s “Linux_for_Tegra/” location, you could add this content to avoid needing first boot setup (just don’t do this if shipping commercial products to California):
sudo ./tools/

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