Demo : 3.4 MP Camera for NVIDIA® Jetson NANO™ Development Kit

Watch the demo of e-CAM30_CUNANO - 3.4 MP NVIDIA® Jetson NANO™ Camera at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference.

e-CAM30_CUNANO is a 3.4 MP 2 lane MIPI CSI-2 custom lens camera board for NVIDIA® Jetson NANO™ developer Kit. This camera is based on 1/3" inch AR0330 CMOS Image sensor from ON Semiconductor® with 2.2 µm pixel.

This camera can be directly connected to camera connector (J13) on the NVIDIA® Jetson NANO™ developer Kit. e-CAM30_CUNANO is exposed as a standard V4L2 device and customers can use the V4L2 APIs to access this camera and control the same.

It’s great! Thanks for creating the nice camera for Nano!

Does this support IR? What options do I have if I need night vision with Jetson?

Also, Do you have any test results like continuous recording? Heat graphs during the recording time? Any sample code/docs for the camera on the software side?

Documents will be available online for this product in a week time. Then you can register yourself on our website and download it. Once you buy the product, we will provide a sample application with source code. Using the application you can evaluate all features of the product.

Recording and heat will depend upon the use case, resolution, frame rate, and compression method. Kindly write down your requirement to

We have a wide range of camera modules, kindly have a look at below links, below product is equipped with Sony’s SARVIS series IMX290 sensor which offers good performance in low light.