Running Machine Learning based Image Classification using e-CAM30_CUNANO on Jetson Nano

NVIDIA® introduced Jetson NanoTM SOM, a low cost, small form factor, powerful and low power AI edge computing platform to the world at the GTC (2019).

Jetson Nano™ SOM contains 12 MIPI CSI-2 D-PHY lanes, which can be either used in four 2-Lane MIPI CSI configuration or three 4-Lane MIPI CSI configuration for camera interfaces. But Jetson Nano™ development kit is limited to single 2-lane MIPI CSI-2 configuration.

e-con systems launched e-CAM30_CUNANO , a 3.4 MP 2 lane MIPI CSI-2 custom lens camera board for NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ developer Kit. This camera is based on 1/3″ inch AR0330 CMOS Image sensor from ON Semiconductor® with 2.2 µm pixel.

e-CAM30_CUNANO is a multi-board solution, which has two boards as follows:

Camera module (e-CAM30A_CUMI0330_MOD)
Adaptor board (ACC_NANO_ADP)

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Fig 1 : e-CAM30_CUNANO connected to Jetson NanoTM Dev. Kit

Awesome! Thanks for creating this great camera product for Jetson Nano!