Denver and Carmel difference

I’m learning TX2 and Xavier and i get that the CPU of TX2 consists of Denver 2 which has two cores and ARM cortex -A57 which has four cores. As for xavier, there are four Carmel dual-core. So i want to know which series of ARMv8 Denver and Carmel belong to, just like cortex-A57, cortex-A53 ,cortex-A72 and so on? Or, denver and Carmel are just dependent series, belonging to neither of cortex?
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Denver and Carmel are NVIDIA implementations of the ARMv8 system architecture. However, they are not part of the “Cortex” series of IP cores – ARM didn’t design the execution units and decode logic; NVIDIA did.
So, TX2 had a Cortex A57 licensed from ARM, PLUS a Denver core built in-house. Xavier now has all-NVIDIA execution cores. (Although I bet there may be some embedded Cortex M-whatever for system management tasks in some places – those things seem to pop up like weeds ;-)

And an interesting design it is: It seems to be leaning in the “transpilation” direction, generating VLIW instruction words from ARM instruction streams. Although probably not as heavily in that direction as Transmeta was at their time. Carmel - Microarchitectures - Nvidia - WikiChip

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I am just wondering where to find more exact details on Caramel CPU and how to use it on AGX.

@_av you would download the TRM.

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