Deployment Question, integating with C code

Ignoring my setup details since it isn’t pertinent to my question.

I’ve been experimenting with Graph Composer after wrangling with Deepstream and Gstreamer. They’re both wonderful, yet complex, so I appreciated what Composer sets out to do; however I’m not clear how this can meet my production needs. I need to set up various camera streams and then manipulate them with gstreamer and other C libraries. What is the recommended way to get the output of a Graph Composer graph back into my C code so I can continue using that data in other programs?

Seems you have some misunderstanding for Graph Composer. It is not a code generation tool but some higher level framework which can use DeepStream inside, it is impossible to convert the yaml graph back to c code.

What kind of data do you want to use in other programs? The inferencing outputs?

Im trying to get the inference data and metadata out of gstreamer and into a middleware layer. I understand that Composer doesn’t generate code. So one example would be running an inference, then using a tee to send the inferences video stream over RTP while also on the other side taking all the data about the inference and loading that into my events layer in C (Rust really since that’s the code base, but since Deepstream doesn’t have a Rust API I’m doing video inference in C and then sending the data out). The former I can see this working for, but I’m not clear if the latter is possible. I guess I’m trying to get my head around the use cases where Composer is the best choice vs coding.

Also, thanks for replying so quickly.

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Seems you are talking about the IPC between the DeepStream application process and your own RUST app process.

Whether the message broker will help you to get the metadata if your RUST app can run in the cloud server? NvDsCloudMsgExt — DeepStream documentation 6.4 documentation

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