is hanging indefinitely


We have noticed that the site,, has started to enforce a certain kind of rate limiter.
This is currently making it unable to install any Python packages inside NVIDIA container images.

In NVIDIA container images (example:, the default pip configuration looks both at both official PyPI ( and NVIDIA NGC PyPI (

When installing a package, pip will query both PyPI registries, and the query to the latter is very likely to fail (because it is not a full mirror of official PyPI and is missing most of the packages), yielding a 404 response.
Since pip installs packages while querying multiple packages in brief succession, it is very likely to trigger many 404 requests in a very short period.

It seems that the site is making incoming requests hang after a short burst of non-2xx HTTP requests.
Therefore, any innocent pip install requests will trigger several 404s and eventually a hanging connection, which pip cancels with a 100-second timeout and retries multiple times in a loop, delaying installation several minutes to even hours.

This is causing a serious problem in our use cases where pip install is ran automatically without supervision.