Development Environment for MAC

What is everyone developing with? I have VM ware so I also have visual studio 2005. I do not have any dev. env for mac.

  1. What is the most popular dev. environment for MAC?

  2. If I’m going to use the Nvidia hardware anyway on my mac, maybe I can develop in VS2005?

Any thoughts on this?

VMware won’t work. You need direct access to the card.

I use Eclipse on Linux, it should work on OS X too.

VMware will not work.

On my mac, I use vi and makefiles.
There was a plugin for Xcode ( it should be installed on your mac) posted on this forum.

I use Netbeans or Xcode with the plugin. Both are working great.

Just to make sure though - you CAN use Visual Studio, if you reboot completely into Windows, the Boot Camp way.

Well, you can use VS via vmware as a text editor, and then compile/run on the Mac side. That’s not really integrated then, though.

Thanks everyone for your help and info. I was able to get Xcode and the CUDA plug-in. Next on the list is to try to and get one of the examples working from the SDK…

I having great success with using eclipse + cdk + makefiles,

jcheak, did you ever get the Xcode CUDA plug-in working? I’m unable to get past linking.

Hi Aaron,

No I haven not been able to get a real build script going in XCode. I started to just use the terminal. I was able to compile, get the object files, but during linking from the command line I got duplicate object reference errors.

I was getting those too until I realized I was both including a C++ file and having Xcode compile it. IIRC unchecking it in the sources list (whatever that the checkbox at the right of each file is called) caused it to be only compiled once. I’m posting the project I got working to the Integration with Xcode thread.