Development of a Smart Assistive 5G connected robot

I want to develop a Smart 5G connected robot, with embedded AI/ML learning. Can anyone suggest the right hardware and software I can use? I need to add Alexa to the platform. If any of this has been done and is ongoing please provide references. This is going to be a 4 wheel robot running ML on the system.


You posted in the Omniverse category, for robotics I suggest you visit the Autonomous Machines section.

You can find some examples of robots built with our Jetson products here: Search results for 'robot #jetson-embedded-systems:jetson-projects' - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Hope this helps you get started on your project.

Thanks for your response, I did post to AM and there was no response, so let me try and rephrase the request. We need to contact manufactures and engineers who understand the Nvidia Robotic Hardware and software to help us choose the right systems to develop and manufacturer a commercial product. What CPU, GPU is available? Can we run AI/ML on the system? Can we connect to 5G with LTE fall back. If there is an answer please respond and point us in the right direction. Ex: Manufacturer x makes the SOM and SOC boards.

Hello @osmondtqet6! Sorry about the run around. Let me see if I can find someone to help you!


Hi @osmondtqet6! I just wanted to keep you updated. I messaged one of the leads for Autonomous Machines and I am waiting for a response from them. I apologize for the wait, and I will post here as soon as I have more information!

Hello @osmondtqet6! I spoke with one of the leads of Autonomous Machines section and they recommended you take a look at our partner product here: InDro announces "ROS-in-a-Box" ground robot solution - InDro Robotics

I hope this information helps!

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Thanks for the information, however among the large quantity of Nvidia content I found a way to solve my problem. [I wish I had connections at Nvidia to confirm my finding and approach]. See attached.

NVIDIA Jetson Nano.docx (577 KB)

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