Deviating results with TensorRT

Hello everyone!

I am getting deviating results when trying to do inference with TensorRT. I have converted a TensorFlow (Keras) model according to the example from the NVIDIA DevBlog:

My goal is to deploy an application that uses TensorRT on the Jetson TX2. Unfortunately there is no Python API available for TensorRT on Jetson. I have modified this example to fit my needs:

There are already small differences between the prediction output of the Keras model and the TensorRT (Python) results after conversion. When running the image classification application (C++) the results also differ from the first two. I honestly have no idea what causes these differences, but they are in part substantial.

A simple example can be found here:

For testing purposes this is all run on a x64 host!

Log output of “”:

Log output of “”:

Log output of “”:

Log output of “”:

Log output of “”:

Thank you!


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