Device ID mapping to Driver

Hello Nvidia Team,

i need a list with the NVidia Device ID to the latest Driver for this device, best case is the Download Link for the Driver.

I need this for automagic installation of Systems.

Is there any way to get a “actual list” or a webresource to download a list with this Informations ?

Thanks a lot,

It’s in the README.txt of the driver, Appendix A. Supported NVIDIA GPU Products
There you can download the .run installer and unpack it using the -x option.
Don’t use the 430 driver, the list is currently broken with those.

Any other options ?
For automatisiation, this list is not the best :-/

Don’t know if you followed that link, there’s also the README directory with that README as html. If you look at the source of that paragraph, it should be easily parseable since every entry begins with with XXXX being the product id.

Here’s what I always recommend for software trying to automagically choose a driver:

  • Look up the device ID in nvLegacy.h to determine which branch to use.
  • Find the desired branch in nvidia-versions.txt.
  • Use the latest official or long-lived branch release as appropriate if the device isn't listed in nvLegacy.h
  • See for an example of how to parse nvidia-versions.txt