Mapping of Nvidia code name to driver

Hey everyone, I’m hoping someone might point me in the right direction here. I am trying to setup a configuration management system for a large linux installation (~300 endpoints) to automatically install the latest appropriate driver based off of the codename of the card (i.e GM200). However, to do so, I need some kind of mapping of card-to-highest-supported-driver that I can use to programmatically determine which driver to install. Not only that, but I would need it to stay updated when a new driver version is released.

Now, the end result is still, I want to be able to install latest nvidia driver that the installed card supports, so if there is a different way this can be accomplished, or if this particular wheel has already been invented, great, I’m willing to look at that, less code for me to write. However, for now, I am at a loss.

Any suggestions?


You can compare the PCI ID against nvLegacy.h to find the branch you want, and then parse nvidia-versions.txt to find the latest version from that branch. If the GPU you’re looking at isn’t in the list of legacy GPUs, you can generally assume it’s supported by the latest driver.