Getting the right driver

I just got a new ASUS desktop and a new NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 to go with it. I’m running Mint and I did look for a good driver under the driver manager but I assumed that that was just my system doing is best to make a good guess at what I need. How do I know exactly which driver I need for my 64 bit Mint system with that graphics card? Also, under driver manager I clicked on the one labeled “recommended” and now minecraft crashes when launched, any ideas?

You should use the latest linux driver from the nvidia page.

I should have mentioned, I didn’t see my card listed under the drivers drop down menu.

I do not understand what you mean if you go to nvidia drivers page you have to choose 600 series and your card is listed.

Try this one .I have 3 cards in my computer 1 Titan, 1 660 Ti and 640 and I used cuda on all of them without problems.
The linux driver for 64 bit works for all linux flavors.

Mint should be able to use xorg-edgers repositories to install nvidia drivers as:

That would install nvidia-325, and keep DMKS intact for whenever your kernel is upgraded. You could also install nvidia-331 (beta) or nvidia-319 (long-lived release)