Device tree modification does not work

I modify spi1 item in the dts file and flash the new dtb to jetson xavier, but it did not work. The detail is :
step1. I download the kernel source, and modify


I disable the SPIDEV.
step2. I compile the whole kernel, get the



step3. I copy this new dtb file to the host at

step4. I use the command

sudo ./ -k kernel-dtb jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1

to flash the dtb file, and it seems work without any error.

But when I cat /proc/device-tree/spi@3210000/status, it still okay.

Is something wrong with my step?
What should I do to next?

Best wishes


Use the dtc tool to convert the dtb back to dts and check if the spi is really getting disabled.

In fact, I do check the dtb before flash it

And what was the result?

The result is the status has been changed in the new dtb, then I flash the jetson.

I mean I check the modify result is OK, but after flash it to Jetson, the spi@321000 keep the stuats okay.

Then please share the full boot up log from uart and also the dmesg.

Thanks Wayne, I know how to use dmesg, but I never use uart log, can you tell me how to use it?
By the way, after flash new dtb, are these files in /boot/ of jetson will be replace?
I use ls -l command and the /boot dir seems no file date change, it still show 6, May. Could there be a problem with the flash step?

That file will not be updated.

Your log will tell the answer. So share the log first.

dmesg.txt (79.8 KB)
minicom.cap (31.1 KB)
HI Wayne, I got the logs of boot and dmesg, please check it.

Yes, the log tells us what is going on.

[0012.904] I> Loading kernel-dtb binary from rootfs …
[0012.909] I> rootfs path: /sdmmc_user/boot/kernel_tegra194-p2888-0001-p2822-0000-user-custom.dtb
[0012.948] I> Validate kernel-dtb …

Did you run jetson-io before? This makes the bootloader to boot the dtb from the rootfs but not the default partition. That is why the update by does not take effect.

Yes Wayne, I use the jetson-io, what should I do to boot the dtb from the default partition?

Can you share what does your /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf look like now?

sure, I cat the file

extlinux.conf (1.5 KB)
Here is the file.

You can comment out the two “FDT”. Those two will let the bootloader read dtb from rootfs.

Thanks a lot. I can change the device tree as wish.
The final question, if I comment the twe “FDT”, can I still use the jetson-io in the future?

I am not sure if you understand how jetson-io works.

The logic is same, jetson-io replaces the dtb. But this dtb is created on the device and jetson-io just modifies the extlinux.conf to add a “FDT” there. This FDT will force the bootloader to read the dtb from the rootfs, but not the partition.

Thus, if you just want to me to reply a simple yes or no answer to your question here, then my answer is no. If you remove the FDT, then jetson-io’s change will not take effect anymore.

But I think it is easy to come up with a idea for how to workaround this. You can try to think about it by yourself first.

OK, sounds good!
Thanks for your help.