deviceQuery and nvcc check

Hi guys:

I just set up all things of CUDA on ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Before I execute ‘make’ command for compiling the CUDA Samples, I can get the information of nvcc compiler by ‘nvcc -V’. However, after I ‘make’ the CUDA Samples and reboot the system, I typed nvcc -V again, it asked me to install the nvcc compiler.

I met the trouble many times. I tried to install the nvcc compiler again after ‘make’ samples. But then I would stuck by deviceQuery failed. I guess that could be a problem of PATH or LIBRARY_PATH?

Can anyone give some ideas?
Thank you very much!

Yes, it sounds like a path problem.

Follow the directions here:


Note to make the changes to PATH permanent, you will need to put them in a script somewhere, like .bashrc

Thank you very much, as you said, I forgot to make it permanent. Now it’s done!