DGX Station V100 upgrade to DGX OS release 5.x cuDNN issue


Please if you can help. I would like to upgrade my DGX Station with V100 to DGX OS Desktop release 5.x (hence Ubuntu 20.04. Currently it is running DGX_SWBUILD_VERSION=“4.1.0”

To upgrade, I followed the page DGX Station User Guide :: DGX Systems Documentation

However, it prompted me that there is no path to update cudnn libraries… hence they will be removed as below

WARNING: The following packages are installed, but have no 20.04 upgrade path. They will be uninstalled during the release upgrade process.
libcudnn7 libcudnn7-dev libcudnn7-doc libcudnn8-samples
The --force option must be used to proceed.

I wonder if I decided to update it, after that can I still use cuDNN? If so how?
Thank you for your help.

Hi @wong.earth,

The cuDNN packages are still available in Ubuntu 20.04. Specifically cuDNN 8.3.1 is the latest, but all the way back to 8.0.5 are available from the repositories installed by DGX OS (aka developer.download.nvidia.com/compute/cuda/ ).

If you are okay moving to the latest cuDNN, then you should be fine to upgrade.


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