I have a few dht11 temp/humidity sensors, and am curious if anyone has gotten one working on a tx1. I found this but am unfamiliar with the TK1, and know there is a generic linux kernel driver.

https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/drivers/iio/humidity/dht11.c #generic driver

https://github.com/chneukirchen/linux-jetson-tk1/tree/master/drivers/iio/humidity #tk1 driver

Just looking for any advice or input. Hoping end game to code a python lib for it there is one on adafruit that works for rpi but uses rpi.gpio lib.


Hi Mrpost,

TX1 has moved to k4.4 after rel-28.1. The driver may not be compatible since tk1 is using k3.10.

were you able to read from dht11?

Actually I ended up using a Arduino nano to read the dht 11 and i2c for communication protocol as the rest of my home automation setup was using i2c. I can post it on GitHub if you’re interested.

Hi - I figured I would pitch in :)

The SHT11 / Si7011 / DHT11 etc… use the same I2C address as one of the internal (to TX1) sensors hence you cannot attach them to the 3.3V I2C port.

thank you for your inputs