Difference between jpegdec and nvjpegdec?

I need to know, what is main difference between jpegdec and nvjpegdec in Jetson TK1 ? I gone through this forum: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/903438/hw-accelerated-jpeg-encoding-/

But i don’t know exactly why nvjpegdec encoder is called hardware accelerating encoder. I dont want to know difference by means of their performance;But by means of its implementation like Does it use CUDA, or Neon or GLSL or any other techniques? Even i compared the codes of jpegdec and nvjpegdec. But I didnt have any clue or idea.

So please explain me, why nvjpegdec is called hardware accelerating jpeg encoder?

nvjpegdec using hardware decoder. This is a separate chip on the motherboard, which is neither the CPU nor CUDA. This provides a “unloading” CPU and CUDA cores, that is, you can using them in parallel with other tasks.
I hope I explained correctly

A separate chip on the motherboard? Or a separate coprocessor in the Tegra K1 itself?

Yes, likely a separate coprocessor in the Tegra K1 itself.

Hi Thanks for the reply.

May I know in the source code provided, which part is responsible for configuring that hardware decoder chip. In the source code I can see the codes for GStreamer Jpeg encoder/decoder plugin. But don’t know where those hardware encoder/decoder is configured.

Hi Gopinath,

Please check the Nvgstcapture-1.0 command-line options table in Multimedia User Guide from below link: