Different projects in same Nsight Eclipse,one can debug into kernel but the other can't

I have a NSight plugin installed in Eclipse CDT 2023-12 (4.30.0) under ubuntu 22.04

and created two projects:

one for testing which contains only a test.cu,like this:
test.txt (2.3 KB)

and I can build it and step into kernel functions under debugging for this project.

And the other project is relative complex,and I can build it and step to general C++ function,but all break points inside kernel functions got ignored,in the same time,the printfs work inside these kernel functions and the result is right.

And I have tried to use cuda-gdb,since this is a multiple files project,I don’t know how to put break points on kernel functions in console.

Question are why this happen and how to solve it?Any help is highly appreciated.

Hi, @alex.luya1

Can you double check that your application is built with “-G” (generate debug info for device code) ?

Also you can “set cuda break_on_launch application” in cuda-gdb to see if it can stop at the kernel launch.

You can also use “b ${kernel_name}” to break at the specific kernel.

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