DIGITS installation guidance

currently i am trying to install DIGITS using a web based installer on my system running on Ubuntu Mate 15.04. But during installation I am getting the following error after sometime:
ImportError: PyCapsule_Import could not import module “datetime”
Can someone please help me with it ??


I had many problems with Ubuntu 15.04 version, but after many different tries DIGITS it works now.

Did you use the virtual enviroment venv?

If you used did you install the requirements for DIGITS?
$ pip install -r “DIGITS_HOME/digits/requirements.txt”

For me work following this steps:
1 Nvidia Driver;
2 Install Cuda;
3 Install Cudnn;
4 Install OpenCV;
5 Install Open Blas;
6 Install Caffe requirements using pip;
7 Install Caffe from NVIDIA Github;
8 Install DIGITS - run install.sh;
9 Install DIGITS requirements without virtual enviroment - Probrably you’ll get errors in some libs, you need to solve each one. To install libs with errors use easy_install.
10 Run DIGITS DEV-Server:
$ ./DIGITS_HOME/digits/digits-devserver

*Remember to define the enviroment variables PATH, CUDA_HOME, CAFFE_HOME, PYTHONPATH, LD_LIBRARY and some libs using pkg-config (OpenCV).

Hope this help you.

Best Regards,
Renato Moraes