Direct access to SSD from BlueField


I want to access an SSD directly from BlueField (bypassing host CPU and memory), ideally through PCIe. In this case, I am treating BlueField as an ordinary OS, and expecting a similar way of accessing SSDs.

In my current setup, I have both a BlueField DPU and an SSD attached to a host on a PCIe bus, but I cannot see the SSD from the DPU.

Are there any instructions on how to connect the devices and configure the driver? Thank you!

To do this you need bluefiled controller HCA.

Hello, do you have a solution to this problem?

Thank you! If I have understood your response correctly, there are two types of BlueField cards, and only one of them (DPU Controller Cards) can suit my requirements.

I didn’t know about the difference between these two type of cards. I have an additional question. Is there any possibility to modify a BlueField-2 InfiniBand/Ethernet DPU into a DPU controller card (e.g. by reinstalling with the correct firmware)? I would like to judge whether it is necessary for our team to acquire some new cards.

Thank you for your patience!

That impossible. DPU controller is different chip indside.

Thank you for your kind response!

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